Blogging for passion not for money

There are bloggers that sometimes started blogging hoping to earn extra money using adsense then they realise that it is very hard because you have to have traffic and then turn the blogging into passion, But, in some cases specially the writers are blogging for passion.

But my question is how many people are actually really blogging for passion and not for money? how many are there that are telling the truth that the reason of blogging is passion and money just comes next? Money is the root of all evil some people say, money in most cases motivate the individual to move and even many have found there inner talent just because of desperate of money was brought to blogging then realized that there is money involve and can actually earn huge amount specially when you have great and unique content.

There are bloggers that are straight forward, showing that are blogging because they have found some bloggers that are earning money using there blogs, they maybe from affiliate programs, clicking advertisement, surveys they probably have scammed and listen to those who claim to be guru....then finally, have turn into blogger and have earned reasonable income. No matter what you do when you blog thought either for passion or money it doesn't really matter so long as your readers have read a decent and good read content that's the most important that's "For me" i don't know what's your opinion about this matter but if everyone is happy why not turn your "passion into money" or "wanting to earn money and you discover your inner talent and turn it into passion" every one is happy :)

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  1. Do not value money for any more nor any less than its worth; it is a good servant but a bad master. ~ Alexandre Dumas fils
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