What would you prefer - A cheap vacuum or a quality that do the job

Being a mother of two little one's i need to keep my house clean especially with my 1 year old daughter, she picks up everything on the floor and put them on her mouth. I have to vacuum everyday but whats the pain is that the vacuum cleaner that we have is not heavy duty it's a crappy vacuum cleaner. I always caught my daughter munching something and when i look at what is in her mouth it's her food last night that probably have fell in the floor and that because the vacuum suction is not working that good. I guess theirs a lot of mommy can relate this situation.
Back in the Philippines where i was born, we don't use vacuum cleaner we only use broom to clean our floor so i am not really that good of choosing vacuum cleaner. One day, that vacuum cleaner just didn't i used the broom we have to clean the floor because i really have to remove the stuff on the floor or else my daughter will feast the crumbs on the floor again (She is so quick!) Anyway, while thinking of buying a vacuum the next day i was searching for a little bit of information to help me choose a good quality vacuum cleaner. A Dyson vacuum cleaner is what i was looking for, i read the features, specifications, and even read the testimonial page which gives me a complete idea of the company and the product.

I don't mind investing my money in a good quality machine, because i know i can save money by doing that and that because it's going to last long and most important is that it actually do a good job.

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  1. I agree...spending the extra money in the beginning saves you in the long run. My friend had to replace her cheapy vacuum less than a year after she purchased it! What a shame. A waste of $$ and room at the landfill.

  2. Hi! Paula,

    Thanks for commenting,I think we need to be more practical but more wiser when it comes of buying a necessity item, we use them almost everyday so why not invest. I agree with "room at the landfill" it's another problem.

  3. I stopped buying cheapie vacuums years ago, and I've loved my seemingly expensive but oh-so-worth-it, still working like a charm vacuum ever since!


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