Blog is like a Fish in a tank

"Well, if you spent more time making post...." this part of that comic shown below is true, when we blog we need to keep on posting -- It's like a fish in a tank; we need to keep on feeding them, we clean the tank every now and then, we have to put a tank ornaments (What ever you call for that) so that the fish tank don't look boring basically do what ever we need to do or else the fish will die. Isn't it the same with our blog? Content are what we need to keep going, Widgets in our sidebars are the ornaments.

I guess when we blog we just need to keep on thinking and that what makes it great, Our is keep on working meaning no stagnant brain.

So, Keep posting or else.....

There are many things you can compare your blog or the way you blogging, you can always look around and get some inspiration. For me Blogging is an exercise of my brain and my writing skills. What about you? Can you see the difference between fish and blog or you're just laughing and can't relate?


  1. just like you, blogging is an exercise to me. sometimes i get amazed at what i write. inspiration is a great factor. i still believe that when you are not inspired, dont post anything.

    it's a very clean looking blog you have here, iris.

  2. Hi! Bing,

    True, that is what i do...if i am in front of my computer and i really want to make a post but my brain is freeze or blank i just leave it and read some other blogs/comment and after that my brain is back to normal. sometimes my brain get stagnant and no matter what i do it just not working.

    Thanks for you comment.

  3. Hah that's a good comic. Reminds us that we can't neglect the bloggage.

  4. Julie and Lyon, thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again and hear from your comment.

    Picture from blocomics.net (Thanks guys for sharing)...i really love it that is why i keep on grabbing some of their comic.


  5. I'm pretty comfortable blogging about every other day. I used to feel compelled to blog every day but content suffers if you force it.


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