The Older, The Wiser Does It Still Excess?

As the old saying "The Older The Wiser" i still have the doubt in my mind. Our kids generation are now becoming smarter and smarter, they have many greater approach compare to the ways we do, the more we get older the more we run out of any idea of what this younger kids are talking about especially technology.

When i was young i always heard my parents keep on reminding me that "I am still on my way to my destination, whereas they are on the way back" basically it's "Been There, Done That" and now i can say that yeah! they are telling the truth, i am glad i believe them and trusted them....I can say i am a true believer of that saying They are old and they know better, i trust my parents and there intention is to protect me and for my own good.
Anyway, i just thought today that the younger generation is far different from our generation. I remember my step daughter and her friends being a smart ass, i know they are exploring and i understand that they seems to think that they are smarter than there teacher or the grown ups, i noticed my nephew he is really smart but he seems to think as well that he is smarter than the older people leave in the same house.

Does the old saying the older the wiser still apply to the younger generation? I wonder if they even heard and understand this saying?

I want to open this discussion to the younger reader (Student etc...) to share what you think about your generation? and also to the rest of the readers who can compare the older generation to the younger generation, share what you have noticed, your thought and have your say. The Older, The Wiser Does It Still Excess?


  1. I'm in my early 30s so I can't count myself among youngers anymore [:P].

    Well Aside from joking, I believe that every age has it's own flavour from the physical point of view. On the other hand, being old -for me- is not something to worry about, rather my concern is am I being wiser or not?

    I've elaborated this over my blog copuple months ago within the post entitled "Grow Up" and hope that the comment isn't that long!

  2. I still have that strong believe that the older the wiser...you know, each wrinkles and each gray hair describes everything -- every time i see my mums wrinkles i know that she is so much stronger and more wiser than i am.

  3. @Iris: I know what you meand but don't you think that a person can be the same within his/her group age? Just wondering!

  4. @ Hicham, Could be -- their is no greater teacher than experience and that make person grow more wiser.

  5. Well I just finished university, so I guess I'm the younger generation :) to be honest, I think it completely depends. I wouldn't like to make any generalisations on 'the youth of today'... but I would say that hehe. Anyway, I generally listen to what older people have to say and am always respectful. That said, I don't always agree. I have had more contact with people older than me who aren't my family through volunteering a lot, and I have to say that some people think they know everything and that they are some beacon of wisdom to me just because I'm younger. But to be honest I do learn from them, maybe not what they want me to learn, but I learn from listening in general. But when someone has a story to tell about their life that's when I really want to listen- I'm always learning.


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