Spottt me here too!

Internet is getting better, since i started my blog (last year) i find it more and more easier to get visibility, there so many ways you can get free traffic and getting more easier.
I joined Spottt (Free link Exchange) yesterday and today feb. 18 is their fifth day (5) since they launched. Here's the statistic since i yesterday at least 1,300 members so far.How it work?
Every time your webpage serves another users' Spottt, you gain a credit. It takes two credits to show your Spottt ad on another members' site.

For example, if your page got 1,000 impressions today, you would have earned 1,000 credits, which should have resulted in roughly 500 impressions of your Spottt on other member's pages.

Spottt Goal?
There goal is to make it easy to advertise your site for FREE.

If you ask me i like it, i like the system and it's so easy but my question still -- Is this going to be the next entrecard? So what do you think?


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