server not found 404, what to do

Isn't it annoying when it's almost the end of your night and you encountered problem with your site? especially when you really care the drop on your entrecard because it's going to push your rank up higher on your category.

The other night my husband site cannot be found "Server not found" this ends us up getting in bed really late around 2:00am.

How we solved it?
My husband bought a domain name from Google and still using blogspot as host which is i am glad because it is more faster and easier to fix especially for a non techie person like us.

Here's how we resolved the problem (this is to those that have bought their domain from google and still using blogspot as their host)
  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Setting
  3. then click publishing - from there you can click switch to
  4. it then will show you that it's successfully switched.
  5. You can then switch to custom domain again -- that should be fixed.
I decided to post it so that everyone will know, so that at least if you get to the same situation you know how to deal with it.... i am glad we able to fix it but funny though, because it took us many hours try to find why, what to do, what to do.... and the solution is not even a minute (happens all the time).


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