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I tried to change my comment system but unfortunately i have few problems, while i was using it i have few comments, but now i have problem and will return to my normal comment system. I decided to post instead the comment they made to give the link back because commenter's deserve this.

Below are my posts and the comments.

Post: Do you feel the stress of blogging?


Grandy I think that blogging should be fun. But if it's a job I were paid to do, I might have difficulty shutting down too.

Post: Who should be in-charge of the money Husband or wife?

showcase That depends on the involved persons. Secure method: separate bank accounts. Romantic method: A pot for both.

FabricCuts Online Marriage is a partnership. A joint account should be considered. Of course, the rules must first be agreed. Whoever is in charge is not the issue. Both must keep the budget as promised. However, should there be a time when a "break" is necessary, both will get 50:50. That's being fair.

Dusty When I was working for a Big 4 accounting firm, the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was worry about our finances. As such, my wife took care of everything and she did an incredible job. Now that I work for a smaller company, and work less hours, I took over the financial responsibilities.

Do I do a better job? Not really! I simply track everything so we can see where we are spending our money. By doing so, we were able to cut our spending down and even pay off most of the credit cards. We even made a rule that if something costs more than $50, the other person has to "approve" the purchase BEFORE it is made. This tends to cut down on stupid arguments and such nonsense.

dave I don't recall anywhere in my comment that the wife or girlfriend has to hand over her money to the husband. Read properly before getting your back up and accusing, Re-read my comment, It states that a man is responsible for the bills in the household. I also commented that the woman should help financially. If the woman is working then obviously she will be responsible for paying the bills.

Jodith Pffft...and what business does a man have with his wife's/girlfriend's money?

My opinion is that whoever handles money the best should be the one who handles the money. If it's her, then she should. If it's him, then he should.

My dad couldn't handle money to save his life, so my mom took care of all the finances. I, however, take after my father, so my husband is the one who handles the bills and the money. *looks askance at Dave* And just for your information...*I'm* the one who brings home the bacon. The husband stays home and takes care of things. We both do what we do best for our home and relationship and this works best for us.

dave The man of the house wears the pants and pays the bills, Its a mans responsibility to take care of the family. If the wife works, Its up to her to help the family financially, More so now because the prices of everything are going up drastically. My opinion is that a woman has no business with her Boyfriends/Husbands money.

Post: Bring your photo to the next level through scrapbooking


virtualhelp4u thank you for the information. I'm sending the links to my daughter. She is a big scrapper. :}

Thanks for the comments guys.


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