Change back to blogger comment

Sorry if you can't see any of your comment because i decided to change back to bloggers comment system, i can't find a way to import your comment from the third party comment system to blogger so i think i will just have a fresh start.

I decided to do this to return the favor to my commentators using "do follow", and also to show my top commenter linking back to their sites.  I really love my previous comment system but thier something missing ... i think it really true that there's nothing like home sweet home.
Again, i will make some changes here; geez....i know -- if your my regular visitor, you probably wonder why i keep on changing this site.  I just coudn't find the one that i like yet  -- not like my other site  thebuzznutter which i am finally happy with the result and will now settle down maybe a few additional but not big changes.
Anyways, thank you for reading guys and will you will slowly see some changes in this site... i won't work overnight but only when i get the change though :)


  1. I think I prefer the blogger comment system, so it's nice to see it back here, at the end of the day it's what works best for you and what you prefer.

  2. @ Karen,

    I don't the pop-up but now, i like the new comment system and i can customize them to my liking and i agree with you Karen at the end of the day it's what we prefer and more comfortable to use.

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