Wife Earn More than Hubby, Can you Handle The Family Pressure?

How much of a career woman are you? There is always a topic when it comes with the couple where the wife earn more than the husband and many times it create pressure in the relationship.

I am not saying it happened to all couple, i am not working and stay at home mum my husband is the sole provider in my family. For some husband they are supposedly the breadwinner then here comes the wife found a job -- got promoted and now earning huge amount compare to hubby; At the first stage of couples life they're both fine then started small fights, then constant fight to big fight ... their are women who do not know how to handle situation like this but, instead intimidate the hubby, rubbing in their face that they earn more than him ouch!...of course Situation like this sure will start the fire, there are man who are intimidated when the wife is the one who brings more food on the table for some they can't be bothered or do not care but for some husband this is big deal.

I would like to discuss about how much of a pressure can be when the wife earned more than the husband, i have seen a lot of couple where when the women get a better job and earn better than hubby automatically get this feeling that in their home she have more earning that means she have more power over the head of the family. I was watching in the discovery where the mother is very quite sort of person until she was given a power to lead their group she became scary monster she was very aggressive, demanding and she's taking advantage of the power she's holding and that apply with some women in the family when the wife holds that position and i think this is wrong, the husband should receive the same respect, equal treatment no matter what the amount of money you bring in the house. There are husband that are not bothered but for wife who think that this bothers their husband then i think you have to learn how to handle this situation.

I know in this generation their are more career women than before, women want to help the husband but some have not handle this very well and ended up annulment/divorce, some women handles this very well and make the family more productive and more abundant than ever.

Have you experience this? please share your thoughts.

This post is my own point of view.


  1. i wouldn't know how to handle it..but just keep the communications line open and it should work...

  2. I just saw this type of situation a Desperate Housewives...I see that sometimes it does hurt the man's ego but I think with good communication an respect on both should'nt be a problem.

    Btw,thanks for your tip for my mom.

  3. I guess it all depends on the maturity of a couple's relationship. If they are really mature, then money is nothing to fight over. Also, machismo is overrated anyway. I think a lot of men would not mind it if their wife has a bigger paycheck than them.

  4. I agree with you Terry, but most of the times even the couple are matured money is a source of fights and dis-agreement or or cause of the problem.

  5. I surprise the snot out of my Japanese students when I tell them that I'd be very happy to be a stay at home dad.

    Then again, they act surprised when I tell them I wash dishes, put out the garbage, vacuum & cook meals occasionally.


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