What i have been doing?

Gush, it's been a while since i posted -- i got busy with my kids and now i am working at home looking after children. This is a good choice for me because i can earn money and at the same time i can spend time with my 2 years old girl, i make new friends and joined some conference so i can say this is good because it is keeping me in healthy condition and keeps me sane hahaha!.

Anyway, today i decided to share a few things i learned while i was not blogging -- i learned to make a fondant cake. I will post a few fondant cake i made from the very first time until last saturday for my son's 5th birthday.

This is my first fondant cake

This is my second i made My daughter K's birthday
My Step-son's 10'th birthday cake
This is my son's 5th birthday cake

I need more practice, i know -- but making their cake makes me feel good specially when you see the finish product it's very rewarding...the good thing is you can work of what you're kids interest.

Will i guess that's it for now, but you will reading more from me from now on :)


  1. You did a beautiful job, you should be very proud.

  2. thank you dddiva, i am really trying hard for this hahaha and i am proud. you can see that it it developing and slowly getting better. thank you for commenting :)


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