Is an Exclusive Lead truly an Exclusive Lead?

Does an Exclusive Lead mean that you are truly the only person receiving that lead?

The hopeful answer is: Sometimes!
The reality is: Probably Not.

Let's take a look at the many definitions or common categories that an Exclusive Lead can fall into:
Often times "Exclusive" means that you are only person in your particular company to receive that lead, but you still share the lead with several other people from competing companies. Other times "Exclusive" means that your leads are exclusive for a short amount of time such as 3-7 days. After this timeframe, the Leads are sold several more times, often averaging 5-7 times. Is it wrong for companies to do this? Absolutely not! Unless of course you are willing to spend 3 or 4 times the cost of the lead to truly get the exclusive rights to it. By selling a lead multiple times, it is the most cost effective way for a lead company to be able to get fresh leads into your hands at a price you can afford. It is only wrong if a lead company does not properly represent what you are purchasing. 

Another variable you should keep in mind is that often, when people are looking for an income opportunity online, your prospect may not have just responded to one advertisement or filled out one form requesting information about a home business. Many times people fill out multiple forms so they can compare different opportunities. You might have 3 different people thinking they have just purchased an "exclusive" lead only to find out later that the same person filled out 3 separate forms which went to 3 different people. Did you compare different opportunities before you decided your current company was the right fit for you? Just because you are not the only person contacting a lead, does not mean you will not have success. What it really boils down to is sorting through your lead list looking for the right people for your opportunity. Not every opportunity if right for everyone. You might have just the opportunity they are looking for and you only spent .20 cents on the same lead that cost someone else who called them a week before you $4.00 or more. 


Potty Training Your Child

How much of a challenge the potty training for you?

When my older son turned two (This was 3 years ago), i never experienced any challenges. I  potty trained him which turned out very smooth and peaceful.  Some parents have started earlier than two, while some parents are waiting for when the child shows when they are ready.  Because my first experience is less challenging, I wanted to do the same with my daughter.

With my first child  i went with the flow, he showed interest and learned so quick. I was actually enjoying the process and more surprise. It is not much of a challenge, i was expecting worse than what it turned out.  I even said to my self "it's amazing, there's no pressure at all".  Since it is less challenging with my fist child, i decided to start my second child at the same age.  I am aware that every child is unique therefore we have to treat them in different way and that it work with the fist child, doesn't mean it is going to work  with my next child.