Potty Training Your Child

How much of a challenge the potty training for you?

When my older son turned two (This was 3 years ago), i never experienced any challenges. I  potty trained him which turned out very smooth and peaceful.  Some parents have started earlier than two, while some parents are waiting for when the child shows when they are ready.  Because my first experience is less challenging, I wanted to do the same with my daughter.

With my first child  i went with the flow, he showed interest and learned so quick. I was actually enjoying the process and more surprise. It is not much of a challenge, i was expecting worse than what it turned out.  I even said to my self "it's amazing, there's no pressure at all".  Since it is less challenging with my fist child, i decided to start my second child at the same age.  I am aware that every child is unique therefore we have to treat them in different way and that it work with the fist child, doesn't mean it is going to work  with my next child.

Anyways, i thought my second will be as successful as my first child.  But my second child is more challenging. At first she became aware of when use the toilet, then became less and less aware.  She went backward.  Now i need to ask her if she needed to use the toilet, she will say no, then not so later you will hear "Oh oh! mommy I wee".  So, the next trick i used is to ask her to pretend to be an airplane and fly to the toilet. It works, it is less pressure for both me and my child.

I know some parents felt pressured -- but for me, if you think your child is not ready just let it be. he/she will be in due time.

What do you think? how did you face your challenge with potty training?


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