Bring your photo to the next level through scrapbooking

I have seen many mommy have already enjoying the digital scrapbooking, every time i visit their site i admit i got envy, first of their beautiful scrap pieces, second is their creativity. When i started blogging i forgot everything about it, my husband gave me software where i can play with the photo's. I remember my sister-in-law and my husband giggled because of what they did with the photo's of the kids, distorted and change the hair's fun, but one thing that i have enjoyed in that software is that i can do scrapbooking, i was busy playing with the software and when I'm satisfied i printed it, famed it and now hanged in he's bedroom.

Have you tried it? discover your skills. If you want to give it a try then I have here a few site where you can start scrapbooking for free.
  1. Scrapblog - An online site for scrapbooking, no software to download, easy to use and Free.
  2. cottage - Your resources for scrap booking, lovely arts and forums and more.
  3. Free digital scrapbooking - download free templates, letters, words, everything that you need to accessories on your photo's - that you can add to your scrapbooking.
  4. two peas in a bucket - scrapbooking forum, ideas, supplies etc..
  5. scrapbooking with love - guide to scrapbooking, layout and more.
I hope this helps you. Start making a project, you never know you will discover your inner creativity.

Have fun and enjoy! Give life to those photo's and share them to your family and friends.


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