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Dieting is always a talk of the town, always interesting and always important for women's. I mentioned important because it's has a very big impact of how we look our self, it doesn't really matter though what your body type, you owe it to yourself to feel comfortable in your skin. But , If you are one of many woman that have the desire to change your appearance, change your body shape one thing that you have to change first and that is your attitude. To appreciate your body is the beginning of knowing to where you need to go to achieve your goal. Right now, think of releasing yourself, come out and let go, start channeling your body.

No matter what diet plan their is, it will work for you so long as you have the right mind set. If your mentality about the models and celebrities goes like "Because they have money to pay for expensive trainings and machines" that is wrong (Oh! maybe me, LOL!) honestly that is my mentality before i read one magazine talking about this models and actresses life, they are the sames as us they work hard to get to that body, Celebrities and Models lose and gain weight just like everyone else! they live in real life when they don't have any projects, they eat pizza's and all those yummy that makes everyone fat. The women's that have most successful bodies are those that are in control and being in charge and knowing when to stop.

I have read one forum that are talking about diet, they are so guilty whenever they eat a food with few calories, they always measure of what they eat that's normal for us women's, some are taking diet pills but have some issues, some went into crash diet, oatmeal in the morning, omelet with spinach for lunch and pasta for dinner ended up disaster; Juice fasts, cabbage soup plans, and herbal fat-burning pills are still big no-No's.

If you are planning to start dieting you have to know what weight appropriate for you. Measure your Body Mass Index according to your height you will see if your body is overweight or if your healthy, if you're weight is normal then you don't need diet, this is really great way to know how many pounds you need to lose and be healthy.

You might want to try below.

Ice Water - We heard this all the time, Drink right after you wake up in the morning, eat after an hour with oatmeal then top with your favorite canned fruits such as apricot, strawberries etc... If you drink 12-ounce glasses of ice water a day, your body will burn an additional 200 calories. If you don't like the water because their is no taste you can flavor it will a bit of lemon or lime.

Carrots - Contains high level of beta carotene for protection against sun damage.

Salmon - Oh! Yum my favorite!...Rich in essential fatty acids to keep skin moisturized.

Stop Late Night Eating - Your body can't digest those late night snacks when it's at rest.

Don't Skip Meals - you'll end up eating twice as much, your metabolism will be messed up with low blood sugar levels.

Their so many ways to lose weight that are healthy, it all depend on you, you attitude. Take care of your body and be happy. Once we have that mentality that we are fat we are start thinking and end up anorexia...have you seen the billboard they have made for the campaign about anorexia? How think is too thin? this is the question and a constant battle until up until now.
A billboard showing a French actress Isabelle Caro an anorexic model
A campaign backed by ministry of health to
wake up women who are stave themselves for fashion.

I hope everyone can relate and learn about this photo's, so shocking!.


  1. Great tips. I'm not feeling the extra-skinny thing that is going around. Make realistic goals and lose the weight the right way. That's the best way to go about it if you don't want to put the pounds back on.

  2. well, it's really a concern amongst women.

  3. I am trying to lose 20 more pounds right now. I love food way too much to ever look like that picture.
    It truly is sad how many women struggle in this area.

  4. Hi! Dani, happy and cassie,

    Glad to see you here.

    It really is sad to see women like this,there are healthy way of losing weight and i supposed we can blame it on today's fashion...but still we are the master of our own universe.


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