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Do you let your kids go online? I let my son play online because i noticed that he learned a lot, of course at he's age turning to four (4yrs. Old) i choose the site that he is allowed and timed aswell.
There are times that i won't let him go online and instead i downloaded a few educational games for him. I always like to see my kids excel academically and i think letting him play educational games molding he's mind and in a fun way. He always surprises me when new things and i always asked him where did he learn them (Of course, i know where) but i want to know if he knows where he pick them up.

I would like to share this to all parents...great resource for your kids fun time.
  1. Sebran - This is a free software -- It's never too early for our kdis to learn the addition, subraction, ABC, word memory and more... My son's favorite.
  2. Kea Coloring Book - Coloring -- Your kids are going to to love this....their so many pictures to choose and free to download.
  3. Nickjr - Great Place for the kid to play an interactive game, it's great for their brain.
  4. Playhouse Disney - Same as Nickjr...inter-act your teaches them to reciprocate.
  5. coloringbookfun - This site have lots for you to do with your kids but not online.
  6. childcareland - Early Learning activities for your kids...again, they are going to have fun not being online.
I hope you find this useful and can have a lot of fun time with your kids and you can have a time for your self aswell while they are having fun.

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  1. I think your posts is a great resource for us moms. And I also want to add as another useful resource for coloring online:)


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