Single Women

Still single while everyone started forming their family and hitching on that road that never ends.

In no rush or can't find Mr. Right? oh! i don't know, i have a sister a one year younger than me ... while i am enjoying the joy of motherhood she is enjoying the joy of singlehood. She works hard and travels very often, there are times where i can't catch her up anymore because she in different place (within Philippines) the next thing i see is bunch of photo's of her in beautiful places having fun with her workmates least she's happy, I have auntie's who are never married and sometimes i teased my sister if she wants to join the gang hahaha! anyway, she just started her blog saying aloha please pay her a visit if you have extra time.

I know it's not just my sister who is enjoying the freedom of being single, there are many career women out there very busy and never have the plan to settle down. I remember when i was in college my friends told me to enjoy my time while i am young and single because time comes when i get married where priority is no longer myself but the family and i can now say that my friends advise are true -- i don't have regret that i get married and have two kids because i have done my part of being single and have outgrown that now, in fact i have this another level of happiness even though my kids gives me headeache most of the time but it's part of the package i am glad my husband didn't give me any headache too haha!

Single Women have a very different set of mind and priorities, although some have envied their friends walking their dream aisles, wearing their dream wedding dress and walking towards their dream guy but that's it for the single women (temporary envy) because maybe there are things that they have not achieved yet a career perhaps or they just love the idea of having no obligation but themselves, no need to save for your wedding anniversary or hubby's birthday, as a single you can plan to go to the concert with your friends without worrying of who can look after the kids.

What about sharing of what you think of your single status and if not in a rush and why?


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