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I am sure you have hear Stumble Upon, digg, technorati or already using them to get traffic to your website. This are one of the effective way to get traffic to your website for free and there are some cases where you get links specially when you have good, informative content and that help you increase your page rank when the link is relevant to your site.

Let us start talking about StumbleUpon. You can integrate SU with your blog so when your reader likes your article they can easily "Stumble it" (If they have SU Account) and it will help spreading your post more faster to the StumbleUpon Community. One that can help you is to StumbleUpon Exchange - - this is where you can get connections with fellow bloggers that wanted to build traffic faster, easy. And now they have search review where you can see the rating of site that shows how important and great your site is...so far they get good feedbacks.

Digg - if you really know how to write great article, know what your reader wants or if you have great content you don't need to worry it is so easy to get popular...this is where you get discover, you even get your content to be discussed that if you make it to "Top 10". But if you have off-topic content, bad links or duplicate content then you get "bury" aswell ;(

Technorati - This is the one that i really love because it's not just bring you traffic but most of the advertising site looks at your technorati rank, it's going to show how important is your site using" fave me" button where readers will like your site will fave you and if you get link to there site you get your authority increase meaning more links more authority.

Before, i don't know where to start but after i joined blogcatalog i learned a lot...i was surprised and increase my technorati authority and decrease my technorati rank (This is good if rank decrease) and i got digg and SU and so much to learn. Here is what you 're going to do to help you with your technorati rank, digg and SU.
  1. If you don't have an account with blogcatalog you can join here.
  2. Submit your blog - Make sure you're Blog Title not to sound's like spamming or else you get decline...i do for many times and i keep on trying until i change my "blog title" and get approved. So happy for that and i' m glad i didn't quit because i learned a lot here.
  3. After you get approved join groups...now for this particular topic we have, join crimsonl's group, crkian's group.
This are just the groups that going to help you building connections, traffics and the rest is up to you. You can join discussion, make discussions, get connected with people with the same interest and you will see how addicted this is...i have been and my day is not complete without visiting blogcatalog in a day because i always on track with what's going on the blogosphere's world. Sometimes if you get blank and don't know what topic to start with you can find it at blogcatalog too.

Have fun and learn from our fellow bloggers, they are not our competition instead they are the one's that help us grow.


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