Never Ending Email Spam

Yes, true i am so annoyed all the time i opened my email, i always get email from someon ei never heard asking my personal information or saying i have won the yahoo mail, or they need assistance because they have to get certain amount from my country blah..blah...blah.

In the escalating spam email war over the internet it's no longer funny, People need some sort of super spam filter...i need to find how to do mine because i have at least 30 spam letter a day and i can't even read the Post of those i subscribed because i have to delete them all at once.

Today i have read from Slashdot that there is spammer from New Jersey that been caught and sentence in Jail for two years or more for sending over million spam messages to AOL User's imagine that! -- He Was making a deal to the government informant to send junk email to advertise he's computer security program and will basically split the earning by 50/50. Todd Moeller got Busted -- Send an IM to the informant saying that he can outsource emails throught he's access to 40 different servers. I am glad he was caught, even though it doesn't change the situation, still we receive spam emails and it's never ending but at least one man down.


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