Get your dream career - what stopping you?

Are you happy with your job right now, do you have great and big salary? if so then, you don't need some guides on how to land your dream job anymore -- but, if you are still looking for something where you can say that "this is me, this is what i want or this is my dream job" you are not totally happy with your recent job and maybe wondering how to get the job you ever wanted and dreaming for so long... there are so many people like this and even wonder why!? -- They have the skills, the ability but cannot fully transform that into success.

... Do you know that for you to able to get the job that you ever dream about is that you have to work hard (Of course we all know this duhh! silly me) But we should know what's the tricks and on how to play the game? right! talking about game everything in this world are consist of players, you must be a player because your life depends on your strategy -- I am sure your aware of that too :)
Fact: "The law of compensation seems utterly unfair. But fair it is. The higher the joy, play, and satisfaction a worker gets from his job the more the worker is compensated for the job. The lower the joy, play and satisfaction a worker gets from his job the less the worker is compensated for the job." - Mark Twain

There are many ways for you to get the job that you like and make you a happy worker. It all depends on your effort, hard work and dedication -- If you really want really want to have a successful career you have to be very prudent and risk taker.

I have here some steps on how to create a resume that is not limited and make more easier for your job hunting.
  1. Identify and know your job objectives and make a list of them - Be organized that's the best start.
  2. Know what is your top priority. Choose which one is your most important and put it at the top of the list.
  3. Make a resume that focus on your top job objective - Once you identify and organise this should be easy.
  4. Once done, leave a copy to your computer.
  5. Go to your resume -- make another copy that targets to your next job objective.
You should know what you want, what's your objective, goal start planning and work your plan. Richard Adams ebook is very great to read, this is going to give you the complete guideline on how to make a resume This will help you identify your objective, you are going to be guided from start of the process until you are ready to face the wall of your success isn't it great! i think it is :) -- this ebook is going to reveal you a lot, something that you think you already know, What to put in your resume, what is not you also be able to learn how to communicate with your interviewer, what they want to hear, when to speak, when to use their name and when to shut up. One of them "The 7 must-do steps to getting your dream job (how many are you missing out?)".

Fully loaded with knowledge is a lot more easier because you have boosted your brain, confident and you are actually ready to face the challenges, hardship and makes it more special is that you are now able to race, compete even play the risky game most successful are playing.

There is so much to say about this ebook but i am not going to tell you everything about this instead experience it yourself and be amaze. Get your dream career now -- what else stopping you?


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