Little Known Ways to increase traffic on your blog

Word traffic is so complicated in the bloggers world. You sometimes asked yourself what make some bloggers different with your blog? you struggles to get even one visitor while their are other bloggers so successful feasted every day because they have thousands and thousands of readers but it's not the end of your blog life because there are few factors that plays a role, strategy to be placed and even use it as your primary weapon to increase traffic. without further delay, two keys that plays an important role to your blog success are:

Content - This is the most essential to traffic flow. You have to offer something that makes your site worth visiting. Content creates repeat visitors, increases their stay, encourages word-of-mouth type promotion and assists in improving a blog’s standing with the search engines.

Links - Every link can conceivably serve a traffic producer. If someone finds a link to your blog on another site, they are only one mouse-click away from being part of your traffic. Search engines also assess the number and quality of links to your blog. They regard sites that are linked to frequently as authoritative and reward them with higher placement in search engine results.

I am sure you are kind of disappointed because i know you are already aware of this two but have you learn and already have taken advantage of using this strategy? i hope so -- Traffic can come from a few different places. Direct links to your site may produce a stream of visitors if those links are in the right places. Search engines, however, offer the real key to high volume traffic numbers. Surfers rely on Google, Yahoo and MSN to help them find the sites that will provide them with the kind of information they are seeking. If your blog comes up early in those search engine results, you can expect a significant stream of traffic.
Tips: Be an active participant in the blogging community! Find some blogs on your topic that you enjoy and read them regularly. Comment when you feel you have something valuable to add to the conversation. This can inspire others to find you--and they are the kind of targeted traffic you really crave.

So therefore -- to increase traffic, you need to do two things -- Provide some unique, quality content and acquire links then you will get to the level at the top.


  1. Quakity content and quality links.
    I can recommend links from pages with at least a PR of 4 and some similar content.

  2. Hi
    Quality is important but sometimes perceived quality or just a name can do it too.



  3. Good advice, although nowadays it seems to be common knowledge.

  4. true, it is good advice but like addd said, becomin common knowledge nowadays.


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