Ear Flicking is Child Abuse?

This is Issue is Sizzling Hot! After i watched the evening news last night me and my husband where talking about the New Zealand Law about anti smacking, is it really working or does it striping all the right of parents to be parent?

Here's the Hot issue "Father warned for flicking son on ear" Is Ear Flicking is Child Abuse? I read books about positive discipline, but there are times that we need an immediate action in a certain matter, Parent must establish some rules and boundaries and if one child did not follow that rules in a certain case that so risky, being a parent that love their kids must have certain to address the situation right there and then. Children must first learn to respect parents and vice versa.

Looking at the side of the Law In New Zealand there so much Instances that parents killed their kids by smacking in their own home, One child abused is one child too many. Children do have a right to be free from harm & abuse.

Have your say about this Hot issue, Is Ear Flicking is Child Abuse or the law gone too far?

This is my What's hot! sizzling.

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