You say no and i say yes

I love kids since i was single i look after almost all the kids of my auntie and uncle ans when i have my very first and only nephew i was so happy i actually like a mother to him, i never find any difficulty taking care of this kids until i got married and i have my own babies, gorgeous and lovely kids of mine.

My 3 years old son is gorgeous but smarty pants and i learned a lot from my son, things that i thought i know of but a parents we discover something new about ourself. Everyday is lesson time to me, today i have thought of what is something is learned from my son since he will be back at school tomorrow. Anyway, Everytime my son ask me something i heard my self saying no most of the time (I am over protective mother..super) So, Here is what my smarty son say's everytime he ask something.
"Mommy, you say no and i say yes"

Lesson i learned? say yes more often. When we trying to keep our kids our kids safe we never notice that we become over the top, my son thought that i am playing. We need to send the message clearly to our kids, we need to go down to their level.

So, the next time he wants to play on the fire while he's Dad is preparing the barbecue i never say no anymore...(hang on! you let your kids play on the fire now!? you might think-- of course not!) I lay down my house rules. Even he's three years old we need to give them simple rules to keep them safe. The younger the better. One rule that works out very well with me and my kids is ...
"when where out i ask him to hold on the babies stroller while walking on the road and when we cross the street we need to stop on the side of the road apply the "stop, look and listen" rules...make sure that there is no car coming, because we don't want car to hit us"

I tried to make my kids learn everything around them, i let them explore and be an adventurous and active kids so that the more they become bigger the more they become independent but with self discipline and confident but we need to stick to our rules as a parent and remember to say yes more often of else "You say no and they say yes"


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