Do blogger need to Cut and paste content?

It is important that when you post on your blog, it has to be your own content, if you copy content make sure you ask permission from the webmaster who own the content and link back to their website.

If you're new blogger and don't know what to blog and run out of idea don't panic...Everyone of us have bloggers that we look up or model and most of the time this bloggers have great content, you can always approach them and ask for the post that are relevant to your blog and make sure that you give credit back to the content owner.Here's what to do:
  1. Make a list of Favorite bloggers that are relevant to your site.
  2. When you approach them either email, comment or any way you can reach them make sure that you explain clearly what is your purpose and plan of their content.
  3. Ask them in a very polite manner -- make your introduction as professional as you can. Tell them how much you love their site and content.
  4. It is a NO, NO to edit the content "leave them as what it is". When you get the permission and ready to place the content to your blog. Get back to the Content Owner and give them the URL of the post where you place their content and thank them so that you can repeat the process when ever you want.
  5. If you get no response from the webmasters do not be dismay move on and went to the next favorite blog.
Although, this is not a practice and recommended because we want to have unique content to be able to increase a greater visibility in the search engine but if you really, really, really desperate and down and won't be able to find anything to blog then this is one way to feed your reader.

Be transparent with your reader and make sure that they know why someone else's content is in your blog, as a blogger you have the ability to connect to your readers through writing and make them feel how important they are for you -- this way you get more loyal readers.

What about you? Do you think this is great way to feed your reader under circumstances? Share your opinion and lets talk.


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