5 Tips to hold back the years and have a younger looking skin

Have you touched the skin of a baby? i do and many times i love the feeling it so smooth...i love kissing my baby's face and i am sure for most of the mommy too!

Taking care of our skin is not time consuming, in fact it only requires at least 20-30 minutes but the result is brilliant.

I envy those womens that have age but no one can tell, they even have a younger looking skin...sometime i think oh! well maybe they have money to pay for toning there skin and massage and all the crap you need to pay just to get that look, i admit i was wrong. There are things you can do to achieve the younger looking skin and enjoy it without spending much of your money but in natural way.
When we were young, we have skin like baby's skin -- then years added to to another years and if we have a lifestyle that never give a time to care our skin the extra wear and tear will show, sometime can cause stress to our skin showing an unhealthy and older looking Skin.
I have here at least 5 Tips to hold back the years and have a younger looking skin.
  1. Limit Your Skin Exposure - We all know that Sun is a big enemy of our skin to make worse we ended up skin cancer. Use Sunblock 15minutes before sun exposure, this helps and provides protection against the sun's damaging.
  2. Use Good Moisturizer - This is necessary for every human being, moisturizer keeps your skin elastic, healthy and protected from dry and wrinkles.
  3. Food - This is big part as well, your food diet can clear the way to have a beautiful complexion "You get the nutrients from the healthy foods you eat which can nourish your inside out" such as Sweet potatoes, salmon, sunflower seeds, Multigrain Breads and more.
  4. Face Mask - To remove the UN-even tan from your face try egg white and honey as face mask or Cucumber as cleanser (Mix the Cucumber Juice with Milk).
  5. Massage your Face - After you remove your make up use a Carrier oil and massage your face; starting from your neck to the base of your jaw bone. Here's my favorite: With your finger together, with your hands pointing up to your eye brow, hold your finger straight and firmly press with the edge of your hand both side of your nose. Hold for 3-4 seconds then slide your hands outward using your index fingers passing front of your ears then apply firm pressure hold for another 3-4 seconds. Repeat and move to your forehead.
This will surely gives you a glowing and younger looking skin. Looking after our skin is not necessarily expensive, all you have to do is use the natural way and keep on caring your skin. This lessen the sign of aging and live a healthier and happier life.


  1. Great simple tips that are easy to follow!

  2. And use soap free cleansers. It removes dirt from your face without being harsh to your skin.

  3. Hmmm, I never heard of the egg yolk and honey one - will try it tonight but I really think it's too late! LOL

    Good tips! Thanks!

  4. Hi! A Girl, Haney and Shari,

    Thanks for dropping by, Honey is really great for our skin i used this for very long time ever since i went to my high school now i am a mommy still using it and very effective...just try it and have fun.


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