Work your style: You are, what you think you are

How old do you think you are?

Your wonder why i ask? i am sure you have heard this many time "You are, what you think you are".

Proverbs: A man is as old as he feels, and a woman as old as she

This is my first post about everything about woman since i posted my previous post clickdtalk finally came into right topic to talk about and i would like to talk about the woman in the age past forty. I decided about this topic since i have seen a lot of woman look like already given up and gone to the wrong direction talk old, walk old, think old, and dress old.

I admire those woman that that even in the age they have they still have the style and still look young, why? because they feel young (Young at heart) Best example; Demi Moore -- If you think young, you will be young. Start in your mind and works its way into your style.

What i am suggesting?
Be stylish. I am not saying that you need to spend expensive clothes and designers bags and shoes to become one, No. Set your head and mind, that's where it starts. What you need to start?
  • Positive attitude - No matter what this is really is a great weapon.
  • An Open Mind - If you try to have an open mind, you can always see the deepest meaning of things.
  • Courage to try new things - You will learn what works for you and what's never know, the yellow dress that you don't want to wear looks beautiful on you.
  • The Ability to break old habit - Don't be scared to go beyond your comfort zone, many times that where you discover great things about you.
  • Get Courage to put your own individual twist on style - it's within you, you're just lack of practice and trust to your self.
  • Look at your style icon and get inspired.
  • The passion to always evolve
  • The pride and care about the way you present yourself.
  • Keep up with fashion and adapt a little of it in your look.
  • The ability to like yourself enough to make difference.
Work on your mind, think that you can be different person and not that old person that you know -- My Mum is my model, she always smile, she never think herself as old woman that is why most of the people see me, mum and my sister walk together thought that we are sisters, Don't you like the thought of that? I do, although i still have ten years to be one of forty-plus but i always want myself to still, think young, talk young and look young. Why not look Gorgeous at age forty-plus it's amazing and every woman deserved it.

Remember: It's not hard, so long as you have set your mind and willing to work for it ... you will be surprise of your new appearance. Time to do some make over, work your style.


  1. hear hear. and don't let anyone tell you different.

  2. I'm 30 years old now but people who don't know me yet, usually guess that I'm around 23-24 ^^

    One of the key to "stay young" is to be happy, lots of laugh and smile, really!

  3. People have different kind of ways to stay young and look young, and true "be happy, laugh a lot and smile is a massage of our mucles...

  4. amen! youth is indeed a STATE OF MIND.


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