Know your body and work your jeans with your body

Who doesn't love jeans? actually no it's a wrong question because there are woman's that are more of shirts and dresses but still there is always a pair of jeans in your wardrobe, woman always possess one or two pair of jeans if not lots like my sister. Jeans is comfortable ans easy to pair with your favorite top, their is always a design that fits you no matter what size you are. We all know that we all have different body type and we want to hide the other part of our body such us tummy, butt is so hard to find a pair that will show the Good part of your body and hide the part were you do not appreciate that much.
I have research some tips and collate them so that the next time go shopping you find the right kind of jeans that will appreciate your body and show some good asset without a lot of effort; How to wear pants is something that you need to know to understand more about jeans and your body. Wearing jeans is used to be so easy all you have to do is put it on and your done but now there so many styles to choose from and make us confuse because there are jeans that are not made for us.
  • Tradition - A Flat straight-leg style, this is the most flattering for every body.
  • Petite - Choose a high waisted styles to give off the illusion of longer leg.
  • Thin - Pleated trousers try mean swear it creates a much curvier leg.
  • Full Tummy - Softly draped pants fall gracefully on the body.

Here are the tips that i have collated and see which one suited you.
  1. Larger thighs - If you have a larger thighs try to wear jeans with decorative seams or pinstripes, this way the attention to your leg which looks more leaner and longer. Choose a pair of boot-cut jeans, the flare at them bottom helps a lot to minimize that appearance of thick thighs or wide hips. It is more advisable to wear it with hells, it even more minimize the look of wide hips.
  2. Large Bottom - If you have larger bottom and want it look a little smaller or minimize them think proportion. Choose a low rise cut to shorten the back end, with flare at the ankle to have balance. Pocket is the number one culprit too!, make sure that they are not decorated, small, too high, or too close together or else you look like a hippopotamus on the loose, having no pocket doesn't answer this problem either instead try to choose a pair of jeans with long and wider pocket that rest wide and low on your bottom. Vertical seams also create length instead of width.
  3. Rectangular Body type - If you have this boyish type of body and you want to add some illusion curves on your body, Tapered Jeans is for you, they are slender at calves.
  4. Big Belly - High-waisted jeans is for you, it helps create a smooth plane over the entire stomach. Don't choose a jeans with elastic waistbands they are not holding your belly, not even a jeans with decorated in front it just draw attention to your belly bulge.
  5. Short Leg - High-Waisted Trousers is best and give illusion of height. The very straight vertical lines create a slimming, lengthening look and to have add an even more length try to choose the jeans where the hemline hit the floor then wear heels.
While choosing a jeans, just make sure you take your time, try it on to make sure that it look great on you from all angles of the mirror, and make sure that it fits you very well. Shop Alone, I hate to have someone with me while doing my shopping because it took me a lot of time before i decided what i want, i want that the clothes that i bought are gonna last long for me and i won't just wear them for one occasion, Enjoy your shopping.
Buy for the body you have. Do not live with the "If only" and "It will" fits many of this promises hanging in your closet right now? Probably, it lost it's style before you lose your weight, your adorable outfit is no longer in the fashion style.

Jeans are always part of fashion. Know your body and work your jeans with your body.


  1. good tips ... when you jeans fit just right they are sexy


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