Who should be in-charge of the money Husband or wife?

It is a common practice a long time ago that the wife stays at home, looking after the kids, taking care of the house, cooking, cleaning etc...including budgeting while the husband provides the money for the family -- to put a roof under there head, to buy some clothes to wear and food to eat. The Husband then gives the wages to the wife to budget.

I said a long time ago because now a days, these have changed. In a more liberal country the wives are out working especially when petrol, food and clothing are getting more and more expensive -- A family cannot afford to have one income under one roof. Now that there are two incomes in one household, the husbands are no longer giving all the wages to the wives, instead in a more practical manner they split the responsibility. In the other side of the world especially in Asia, wives are now slowly adapting this practice...Wives are working aswell to provide a more satisfying life...but in the end, the husband still gives there wages to there wifes to do some budgeting etc...i do not want to generalize though because not in all cases now a days this happens.

There are some cases where the husband did not entrust the money to the wife anymore, there are wives that are very materialistic and use the money for there own needs such as perfumes, jewelry's, clothing that she doesn't need etc...instead of providing it to the needs of the whole family. Cases like this change the whole mentality of men towards woman. The Husbands are now very defensive with there wages, If the wife asked for the money the husband will ask what for? We have done our weekly shopping, we have just bought winter clothes etc...what do want the money for? Women and money can be dangerous, there are cases where wives mis-used the money, In the other hand, Some men have bad habits which could end up losing money for the family.

Now, i would like to open this discussion to my visitors, i would really like to see how many husbands and wives are in this situation and/or even if you are not married but have some fair say about this topic.

Who Should be in-charge of the money Husband or wife?