Do you evaluate yourself?

Its my birthday yesterday...it's just funny when my age moving out from the calendar i am not that really excited anymore, lol! maybe it's just me aye!. I remember when i was young i was so excited for my birthday, i am so excited to "grow big", yes that's my word and my son reminded me of that now.
This is me with my kids

It's like Once we where little. We have no idea, what life really means every time birthday arrives all we care is birthday party, gifts, foods, friends to come over. Back in the Philippines we have karaoke i love to sing and i want to get loud like i didn't care if my neighbor is listening to my crappy voice.

Now i am one year older again, Hmm what we care when we get to this age? I think too many...my husband asked me if how many wrinkles and gray do i have now and if i counted them? LOL! Sometimes we think its my day so i have to think just myself just for a day but the truth it never happens we always include our family to what ever we do and i am glad and so happy.
My Hubby with Daughter Chelsey

Yesterday i give myself an evaluation of my achievement over the past years...and my greatest achievement are my kids, they are so lovely and gorgeous and i have the most understanding, lovable and sensible husband. I think to every woman when you evaluate your life achievement even though you've quite really well with your career still nothing can match the greatest gift to yourself, your own family.

What do you think?
Please so share of how you evaluate yourself or do you?
what are your greatest achievement?


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