Honda Take the Slogan "Difficult is Worth Doing" into Action

Do you believe of the saying Difficult is worth doing? I do. This is the saying that Honda Accord is believing in their new TV Ad commercial and they do take it to action. The ad consist of worlds greatest sky divers with different challenges, the formation that they need to form are unbelievable.

The difficult challenges are to form a three primary formations.
  • steering wheels
  • Suspension Spring
  • Forming Letters of H O N D A during the free fall before the divers deploy their chutes.
The Honda Accord TV Commercial took a year of completion and was finally finished and was released live on TV on 1st June.


Honda's work comes with a truth, they have built Honda with many difficulties, the tension of the engineers to make Honda Accord possible is unbelievable, the company have put all the effort and strikes all the difficulties to keep the quality and integrity of Honda this is the message of their ads. Difficult is worth doing is a success that is why it's worth doing. If you are going to watch and read the detailed documentation it's amazing and you will stunned with the difficulties that they have faced each day yet they pull it.

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