Got back my 3PR and Lost my 2PR

I have lost my PR, i know this is a late reaction but i have been busy the last few days but never mind because my other site www.thebuzznutter.com got the PR3 back yeheyyy!
Do you still care with Page Rank?
I ask this question because when i first started blogging most of the bloggers are talking about page rank how to's but now you can hardly read anything about page rank, i noticed after that controversial slamming of page rank and bloggers have got over the nightmare, most of the blogger have the mentally of "When i get PR that's Great! but if not or slapped then fine".... i am not sure if it's just me or it's what really is every blogger feels.

I remember during the slapping and slamming i got freaky and always check my PR because i know it's going to happen it's just no matter of when, then the time came and i lost my PR i just said it's finally gone sigh! hehehehe do you remember that in your own time? anyway, again, i know it's a little bit late but i just want to share my thougts.


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