WarGames 25th Anniversary Back in Theaters near you

Oh! Back to the Future, have you seen that movie or should i say do you remember? Michael J. Fox, Time Machine ...during that time in my young mind it's great movie and un-forgetable. I love classic! music, cars, and most of all movies...they are always be remembered. okay, i am 31 years old -- not sure if that's old or young all i know is that i am young at heart lol! but i love all classic.

What about WarGames? Starring Matthew Broderick when he was young man (now a Hubby of Jessica Parker), they will be back on screen for their 25 years anniversary one night only to a selected movie theaters nationwide this Thursday, July 24th at 7:30PM (Local time).

Movie synopsis: Computer hacker David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) can bypass the most advanced security systems, break the most intricate secret codes and master even the most difficult computer games. But when he unwittingly taps into the Defense Department's war computer, he initiates a confrontation of global proportions World War III! Together with his girlfriend (Ally Sheedy) and a wizardly computer genius (Tony Award® winner John Wood), David must race against time to outwit his opponent... and prevent a nuclear Armageddon.
It's a must see movie plus you get the chance to get a sneak peek at the making of the sequel – WarGames: The Dead Code

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