Dinner Time battle

I thought i am the only Mum who have a dinner battle with my 4 years son, me and my husband have tried a lot of ways, but not working. He is fine with breakfast and lunch but when it comes with dinner he just don't eat them or if you let him he will sit in front of he's food for 2 hours. One Mum friend of mine suggested to give my kids an option of what to eat during dinner but i don't want that way, i want my kids to learn to eat what's in the table and not to be fussy. I heard one mum who dished up three type of food because her kids are fussy and she give in to the battle. I really admire my Mum and even wonder how she manage all four of us ... we eat what she dished up even vege's, we learn to love the food we hate. I supposed i need to experience the stage most parents have experience to be able to grow and one day i can say been there, done that but at the moment i need to enjoy my moment and continue facing my battle.

I saw this ad and it's so cute, i wish this to happen with my son.
Advertising Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Ben Coulson
Art Directors: Paul Meates, Donna Stevens
Copywriter: Vanilla Stener
Illustrator: Philip Holliday
Photographer: Paul Torcello
Published: June 2008

What about you, how did your make your kids surrender for your battle during dinner time? or do you surrender instead?


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