Netball - New Zealand beats Aussies

I was watching netball New Zealand vs. Australia...i never heard netball before until i move up here in New Zealand, back in the Philippines i love to watch Basketball. Basketball have board while netball have none and makes more harder. They have different rules compare to basketball such as the centre player which in the possession of the ball must be in the centre circle to start play and all other players must be behind the lines, Once you have caught the ball you must pass it or shoot for a goal within 3 seconds where as basketball you can drible the ball, here's another rules with netball, Once you have landed holding the ball you must keep at least one foot on the ground. You are not allowed to step, jump up or drag your foot. There are many other more rules.

Netball according to Wikipedia is a non-contact generally indoor sport, derived to basketball.

Today, New Zealand team (Silver Ferns) won over Aussies. You can read the NZ beat Aussies in bruising netball game.

I am not sure that you heard about this sport though, but i would like to share because it's worth to know this beautiful sports. I decided to embed a video, this is the latest i could find in the you tube :)


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