Back Dropping and Posting

It's been almost two months now that i have not posted anything here at Clickdtalk or even reciprocate some drops and i will take this opportunity to thank you guys for dropping.

I admit i got lazy that's the main reason of not posting and also a bit busy with kids because it's a summer holiday here in New Zealand, but now i i can use a few extra time to post again and drop. I will ... of course give the link back to my top droppers and you guys will always be at the top of my dropping list.

Thank's to the following droppers.

  1. verITableLIFE
  2. On The Bricks
  3. Mr Soleh’s Outburst
  4. My note's
  6. Programming Made Easy
  7. Online Games
  8. Dunia soer
  9. Look around
  10. Gadget Spot


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