Spring time here in New Zealand

Finally it's spring time here in New Zealand, time to start going out in the garden and plant some flowers. I really don't like winter, it's super cold and it seems like it slow me down because I feel like I wanted to be like a bear "Hibernate all the time" hahaha!. Anyways, I managed to get out and do something with kids during winter and even inside the house we still have some fun … in this photo I made a gloop for them to play and it's very effective it kills time :)

I include the recipe to make a gloop (For Mum who like to try this for their kids)

You require:

2 cups of cornflour

1 cup of cold water.

Pour the cornflour into a bowl and slowly add the cold water, stirring constantly. Stop when the water is barely absorbed by the cornflour.

  • Try to use your hands to see it yourself it feels funny and hard but it's runny…it's a funny feeling.
I hope you like it.

…Now, I look forward for the summer or at least the middle of spring it is going to be sunny and good to play outside with kids.


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