Clickdtalk finally come into right topic to talk about

Honestly, i am not really sure of what clickdtalk would like to talk about; that is why i end up posting funny video's and funny stuff that i received from my sister in law or friends (I didn't regret it though, i still have a great respond to my readers and like what they read) but, i keep on thinking of what's the best i want parenting, i want feminine, that is why i made that header my self because it has a very big impact with being me as a mommy, a wife, a sister and a friend and a woman.

What makes it hard for me though is to decide the topic, i don't want to be like a personal diary anymore because there so much already blogging about their personal diaries. If i go parenting which i really love because of my two little one's which is my love and passion -- there's a lot of mommy rambling too! which i really love reading because i found much about being a mother and how similar my experiences with them, that i am not alone with this fun, dramatic and chaotic motherhood; makes me proud being a mother and have more respect to the mothers all over the world.

Finally, my thinking is over and have decide to talk everything about woman.

What are everything about woman?
Life being a woman are very complicated and not easy like men. Woman wakes up in t morning with a very different routine than man. Woman need to look great, look after their own selves; at the same time looking after the family and be a a good mother and wife; at the same un-cluttering the house, cleaning up the mess and more...We need to be superwoman to perform all this task.

Therefore, i will be talking beauty, fashion, woman talks and more. I am not professional in this topic but bear with me as i will make some out sourcing, research and read books and get some idea's so that we can have that talk that is worth talking; for every woman that is.

But for male if you want to learn more about woman...try to read some, some might bored you but some might give you some idea about your woman, trust me it's worth knowing what woman wants.

If you have anything that want to talk about please leave some comments and let us try to talk find if we can get more information about and start talking about it.


  1. Good topic. I've actually read a post on the Entrecard forum today about this.

    There are no female blogs so far (or unnoticed) that talks about women

  2. Erhm ... I think there are tons of women's blog blogging about femininity, style, etc.

    Maybe just not in the EC world.

  3. Thank you guys for your comments.

    To health nut, I think it's great to blog about the things that you are interested in than force something that is not, it's going to be really tough...although my blogging is more feminine but in more wider horizon and not just focus in one subject. Still a challenge for me but it's what i want. So good luck for me.


I love to hear your thoughts, if you agree with my post that's great, if you don't then start the discussion ... it's great to know what on womens mind.

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