Good News about Pay Per Post

Just in case your wondering why i put this under "womens interests" label, Make money online is one interest of women as well, especially the mom's that stay at home full time and wanted to earn money while looking after their kids.

Here's Great News.

One of the requirement to join Pay Per Post is to have at least 90 days active blog and 20 post to get approve. Now here's the Great News -- PPP have change this requirements and now already approved the once that have already registered and have 30 days active blog and at least 10 posts.

Yup! heard it right, If you have plan to join but waiting for your blog to mature then don't anymore here's the new requirements;

"You're blog must at least 30 days active and 10 post"

This give more and more blogger a chance to earn money ... If you have not joined yet and want to register PPP, do it now and start making money.


  1. I love the look of your blog. It is comfortable without being too comfortable. Classy!

  2. thank you. with all my effort, at least i heard some comment about it.

  3. hi there.. just dropping by from entrecard! Hmm about PPP, its goo to hear the new requirements.. before this PPP reject my application due to less than 90days because i just start blogging for a month! Hehehe! but now I caan join it! =) By the way, what is the rate PPP pay to us?

  4. Hi! Fadly, it all depend with your pagerank and izea rank(PPP Rank), I think the lowest amount is 5.50

    Good luck with your re-applying...just make sure your archive is visible and original content.

    thanks for dropping by i hope to see you again here in my blog.


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