Have you heard Meg Cabot Writer of Princess Diary

Have you heard the name Meg Cabot? I love watching her video's i actually have not tried to read one of her book but in the you tube comments it sounds like users are really enjoying her books.

Though i haven't read any of her book yet but i watched one of the movie she wrote -- Have you seen Princess Diaries? You know a New Yorker Mia played by Anne Hathaway) leaves with her Artist Mum, her Dad is the Prince of Genovia etc...It's a kind of book your Daughter would love to read (Sort of Fairy tale). I am a Mum of two but i watched movies like this it is a comedy and i love comedy and maybe because i am young at heart, LOL!. I have posted about one video she made awhile ago that is so funny and it's a beauty tip sort of, you can read it No More airplane Bathroom for me and Tell me what you think.

Now here's another video of hers, It's about where she gets her inspiration and her journal.

If you want to know more about Meg Cabot (That's if you have not heard her name yet) you can visit her Official Website which full list of books she have written and i will try to find her book here in New Zealand.


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