My Interest of Learning Sewing

I know nothing about sewing, i envy mommy's that show off their finished project and i really love them.

ALERT! to all Sewing Mums clickdtalk envy each one of you :)...One of my favorite Sewing Mom Visit her site and you will see what i mean, great beautiful sewing projects...there's more i can't remember their sites.

I now questioned, why my Papa (Dad) did not taught me how to use our sewing machine he is really great of sewing our own clothes me and my sister usually have the same fabric but different design made by my Papa (Dad). I answered my own question though, maybe during that time i shows no interest of sewing, i was too young. Now, while blogging and visited a few site where Mommy blogger are showcasing their handmade and it's beautiful it awaken my interest to learn.

My First Step:
I looked for a cheap sewing machine. I bid to an online auction and won a 3 thread Over locker; I don't have any IDEA! what it is but i read it says "it sew and it cut" i bid and won. Now, that it is in my hand and i tried to sew and found out that this is not what i want (I think i need the very basic, and this is not what its for). I sold it to my friend and now i am back looking for another sewing machine.

"No Venture, No Gain" so i have to move on and i know i will learn one day.

Now i am back hunting for a basic sewing machine just to learn the basic. I don't want to enroll to any distance learning (This is great option, especially for Mum like me who look after two active kids) because i want to DIY i know this is very hard.

For Mums who knows about sewing and crafts, please share your first time and how did you make it. What about some Advice? I am happy to hear any.


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