My Freebies for Mothers Day

It's mother's day in few days time, and being a mother it is the most important.

So, what is your plan for a mother's day mommy's? It's "ME - ME - ME - ME" time here i go again with the ME time, I hope your reading this don't think that i am selfish type of person, I am not! :D i just love the idea of mother's should have a ME time, after i have kids i learned to appreciate my Mum more...i feel what she feels being a wife and a mother; i guess it's really true the saying that -- you can only repay your parent when you became a parent of your own.

anyway! i would like to greet all the mothers in the whole world a happy mothers day (In advance!), I decided to make it advance because i would like to give a Template Headers.

I love designing header's. I made my husband one, my two brothers for their sites and i am proud of the result. It's not so biggie achievement or something to brag about, but i love my work. So, if your a mother and would love to try my header please leave me a comment and i will give you one of my header template no strings attached.

Please choose below which one you want and i will remove them and award them to your no obligation, take it as a mother's day present.
Number 1 (Awarded to Mayogi)
Number 2

Number 3Number4

Or if you want to be more personalized i will communicate with you and we will talk about your new header.

First Come First Serve...Please leave you comment now and choose which one you want to be yours.


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