This is face of the Devil

You probably have read and seen this in the newspaper, in the news and/or blog.

I just couldn't help but to have my say! -- A Father Drugged he's daughter, handcuffed her and locked her up for almost two decades. Father he's seven grandchild ewwwww! when one of the twin baby died he burned 'em.

SO what do you call this type of person? This is a devastating news, A shocking and a true horror story.

What the hell is happening in this world? How many fathers are like this to their own daughter? I really do not want to generalized, I have a two wonderful man in my life -- my father and my husband and they know how to respect their daughters.

Does Mum knows?
What i am really wondering and cannot believe or understand is the mother. She said she never know anything about it, Is she playing dumb, innocent just to get out of the crime or what? she knew very well how serious this crime is.

As a wife: No matter what you do, you will notice your husbands sneaking, actions or even when he shops for food supplies nappies for the kids, what about the time when the daughter is delivering the baby? your husband will say oh! honey there's a Kid just turn out in our door and ask to be adopted, are you just going to say "okay, let us adopt you then, you poor little one"...aren't you not supposed to inform the authority? or if there is a letter together with the baby saying that is your daughters baby, i can't raise them so can you my parent please raise them for me? aren't you wondering of what is my daughter doing now, Where is she, what kind of life she has now?

Now a days playing innocent is a crime too! It is not acceptable, no way -- especially when it happen right in front your nose, in your own house.

I have a lot of questions to the mother. Being a mother and a wife we always aware of what's going on in our own backyard, We also know what kind of person our husband how many years you have been with your, you always tend to know the negative side of your husband, what kind of person he is, what is he capable of, and it's all up to you as a wife to accept it or not. If there is very evil happening that includes your kids, youmust do something to protect them.

If you're daughter went missing aren't you as a mother be the first to look for her? and your not going to stop until you find her, even she wrote you a letter telling not to find her? It is your obligation as a mother to know the where abouts of your daughter?

I am God fearing person and i always leave up to Him for the punishment, but this.....i don't know. Now we see the face of the Devil.

I can't wait to read the full story if how she (The daughter) managed, why and did he really done all of this all by himself (Which i doubted so much) how did he manage to put the very heavy door, why the wife haven't notice any construction in her own house...If you have not read the entire story of this, then please read more about this news:
Monster Father
True Devil in desguise

What about you? what can you say about this kind of person or shall i say people (Including the mother)? Do you have some other questions too?


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