Belt & Reversible handbag Tutorial

No, i am not the one who 's going to give you a tutorial, i am not capable yet lol! but, please read on...

I have my new sewing machine and i tried to learn the basic. I found this tutorial and i thought that this is really great for Mums like me. It's so easy and classy. I love to dress my kids, but i am one of those Frugal Mum.

While surfing of what i can start of making, any patterns that are free to download etc...i stumbled this list of tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew that are so easy to follow and look like trendy. I have already bookmarked this site because i the list of tutorials are very useful.

Here's another One Tutorial that i will definitely do a Reversible handbag.

At the moment i tried to finish a cushion but it's not done yet, i will take a photo once i am done, i have difficulties with the zipper, it looks easy but when i start putting them it is hard -- maybe once i learn the trick it's not that hard. I have so much fun with my newly found hobby. Soon you will see me posting some of my project.


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