Just rambling at the moment

Lazy and slack, i am -- lazy and slack. Oh! it's winter her in New Zealand and the weather is unbelievable. I cough a lot, i can't sleep properly during the night because my of my throat makes me cough.

I have not made any of my Freebie friday oh well.

This is just a rambling because my brain still can't think of anything decent to post about. anyway, lastnight, while dropping and reciprocating my entrecard i stumbled one site who copied my content from my other site it's a blogging resources where i shared my blogging experiences and what i have learned online. "He acknowledge that he copy and paste my content" and linked the post to my original post, he then removed the first post that he copied and replaced them with a new copy and paste content from my site again (another post) so i sent him another message to remove my post and i don't tolerate people stealing my content (Google penalize sites with duplicated content) and it also bring your traffic down. I am glad he removed them maybe after Entrecard took a necessary action (Entrecard don't allow scraper content) so he lost traffics.

This is a great lesson for bloggers who couldn't be bothered writting he's own content...stealing content is big NO NO in the blogosphere.

Read more about this stealing content? here's the forum.


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