Angelina Jolie's Twin Have Finally Arrive

One of my interest is celebreties, If my Kids are not around i am watching Entertainment News so i decided that i will be blogging about Celebreties every now and then, especially when there is something new happenings to my favorite Celebreties -- Of course, you can't expect of me like Perez Hilton's blog because that is super and i am not that daring it's just some sort of news old probably or new.
Anyway, here's the news i read today -- my favorite actress Angelina Jolie is now delivered her twins Knox Leon (5.03 pounds) and Vivienne Marcheline (5 pounds) around 6p.m local time. I think the paparazzi is now kicking and will do everything to get the first shot of Angelina Jolie with her twins.

The Actress checked into her $500-per-night private room-with-a-view only she can see the outside but non from the outside can see her -- there are fake photo's and error reports but now it's Official and the world is waiting to see the first glance of the twin even me i love the beauty of her Daughter Shilo so cute and i can't wait to see the twins with according to their Dr. Sussman they look identical (So they belong to this identical twin - Nice) and it's a boy and girl, i always like identical twin but boy and girl anyways it's reported that the Exclusive rights price was sold for$11 million to unnamed US Magazine but the couple will donate the money to the charity (Always for the good cause) i love it!

I want to quote this word from Angelina Jolie from the July issue of Vanity Fair:
"It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason.
I think every mother can relate to this because after i have my kids, it change everything about makes me a complete woman.

That's for now, to read the full report please visit Angie Delivers! two more Jolie-Pitts are born.


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