Internet Safety: Double Filter your Computer for your Kids Safety

My Step-daughter loves to be online, either to play online or check her myspace and chat with her friends. We don't have problem with that me and my husband for her to be online because sometimes she needs it for her school assignment. I always on the look and make sure that the sites she visited are safe to protect her.

When she moved back to her Mum, she miss all this opportunity online even for her study. My husband asked the reason and that's because the porn sites pop out. This is something most of the parents don't like for our kids to see especially in at the very young age 10years old. This happens when one individual inside your house surfing a porn site and the internet filter has a very limited protection. porn detection tool is very important to make sure the safety of our kids. combination of filter + porn-detection tools creates the safest environment but if you had to choose one, and you have an individual with a problem in your home, you need the porn-detection tool. You need SurfRecon.


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