Mothers don't know how you think!

As a mother we learn to weight everything, we learn to choose when to listen when our kids whining or asking something yet we want to listen to every heartbeat of our kids to make sure that they are well.
Kids are not new to me i have looked after my nephews and nieces but when i become a first Mum, i learned that it is difficult to raise a kid.

We, Mother's are funny creature i noticed -- we watched the news there is a news about kid sent to "Juvenile" because he kills someone and we think oh! i hope my son won't grow like that, or when we meet a kid on the street and heard them talk trash or high on drugs we say oh! i hope my son won't grow like that -- i hope this, i hope that! a never ending hope. Although, we know as parents that our kids future depends on how we raise them or how we influenced them, the environment inside the house or even the neighborhood and the crowd they grow up but then again it's just a portion of their being the rest are all up to them ( I am not sure if you agree). When they grow up, they chooses who they want to be, for me, i am not going to intervene their wants unless i have too lol! jeez...i still have many year to wait for this to happen but i am thinking this sort of things (See what i mean? mothers or parents way of thinking).

Anyways, before this will go to non-sense...i want to know how the other mothers (Parent) like me think when it comes with their kids future, how you prepare them to be able to work around this crazy world (I believe as a parent, our kids are like soldier where they need to be trained and understand to battle their day to day) but in a way where they can understand. To protect them to the bad people and to make sure that they are fine when they go out and most of all that they have fun when they are around you.

I have 2 kids a three years old running four and a one and a half girl, i still consider myself as a new mum because the experience that i learned from my kids is something new that i absorbed, and it's addictive lol! but i am also experimenting and i love it...i love to hear the other mothers experience as well. Please do share your thought!


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I love to hear your thoughts, if you agree with my post that's great, if you don't then start the discussion ... it's great to know what on womens mind.

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