Mum Who Microwaved her Daughter is Finally Convicted

In the BBC News yesterday reported that the jury have finally announced it's verdict to a 28 years old Mum who killed her one month old daughter by the death of microwave oven and the verdict is guilty.
I know some of you have read about this but i just can't help to share being a mother and human, no matter how angry or problematic person you are doing a thing like this especially to the most innocent human on earth don't deserve any forgiveness.

I was reading this and feel sick, a one month old baby burned to death in a microwave oven. How can a mother do this to an innocent baby? her cellmate told the court about her confession she said that the reason she put her daughter in the microwave and switching it on is that because she was afraid of losing her boyfriend and would leave her if he will found out that he is not the father of the baby. The defense attorney claims that there was evidence that someone else was responsible with this but was rejected by the juror.

She never showed any emotion after hearing the verdict, she just lowered her head.

You can read the whole BBC Report Microwave baby killer convicted.
Image Source -- BBC


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