Busy days with kids 24/7

It's amazing how our kids surprises us parents with what they can do. I spend all of my time with my kids and i still have those moment where they surprises me with things they can do...i sometimes thought that they are still young and can't do certain things but they will just came and show us that they can and sometimes i feel guilty that i don't have that trust to my kids to let them do it or encourage them instead of stopping them because we are scared that their might get hurt.

I was watching one mum at my sons kindergarten school where she lead her son or tell her son not to climb because he might get hurt and by watching her i was thinking why can't she just let her son experience and explore and yet i can see myself doing that to my son, sometimes i am even annoyed of hearing my own voice "don't do that or no, you can't do it yet!, your too little for that..." I learned and i let my son explore now, if he get hurt because he climbed and fall it's a new learning experience for him. Their is one time where he run to me and cry because the other boy was hitting every kids that are playing the train (Which he loved to play) and i divert he's attention to other thing to do instead crafts, painting and then he later come to me and say that he will go back and play the train because the boy is not their anymore and now he knows that if he see that naughty boy (That's what he call) he need to stay away and go and play with other friends instead. My one year old daughter in the other hand is quite and yet she always amazed me, just like this morning, i usually ask them what they like for breakfast but i fail to do that today instead i cut the chocolate bread, her dad made last night and she starts crying because she wants to choose whats for her breakfast and she chooses corn flakes, then i let her help preparing it for her and then i prepared her high chair so she can start eating and she cried again, this time she don't want to sit in the high chair anymore, she wants to sit in the dining table instead and use the adult chair....i always have great time with them and excited every stage of their development.


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