Nag Your Partner Treating Them Like Your Kids

What usually the common mistake the partner done to their married life? i don't know, i actually have no answer about that -- i am not an expert or an experienced wife either to answer that question but their are points i would like to share, either you agree with me or you can share your thoughts here.

Have you encountered a wife who nag to their husband or the other way around, treating them like their kids? I don't agree with this and in my opinion this is not acceptable and that's where the fight starts when you start nagging with your husband/wife.

For me why nag with your husband or wife? You both already grown ups when you meet each other. What i have noticed is when the woman is much older than the men this type of situation always occur, i have observe some couple and i won't name them; but the explanation maybe because the maturity level of woman is three years higher than men? i don't know but this is what i believe.

I think if your in this situation say for example your partner did not meet your expectation in a certain matter the best way to deal with this is to sit down and talk about it, you both are adult and can understand more by talking.

Please share your side of story or your thought about this matter.


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I love to hear your thoughts, if you agree with my post that's great, if you don't then start the discussion ... it's great to know what on womens mind.

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