Stay at Home with the Kids or Travel with Hubby?

I remember my conversation with my friend a few days now. She told me about her wanting to travel to a lot of places but her husbands been to a lot of places and tired of traveling he would rather settle down and stay in one place. She said she envied woman who have been to places but i told her not to envy with there life because she have a friend who actually travel with her husband, he workd overseas and she come with him -- the kids goes with them or during schools days they stay with care taker while the parents are away.

In my opinion this is something not to envy because it's a difficult situation, When you become a mother your priority is doubled, you need to attend the needs of your kids as well as your husband. The problem when your husbands traveled a lot and you want to come with him as a mother you miss the opportunity you have with the kids...time runs so fast, kids grow so quick the next time you know they are grown ups and you miss the time to play with them and laugh with them. I explained to her that if she wants to travel why not wait until the kids have grown and their own life and she and her husband can enjoy the retirement stage this is the stage where you can start going to the places you want to go and be with your hubby without anything in your mind.

When you're married and have kids as a mother you have to have to think of what do you want with your life in general including your husband and kids, sometimes sacrifices need to be made. I will be in this position one day, my husband's job is un-predictable today he's in one country next time you know he will be called for a job in Thailand or Guam.

What are you going to do if your in this position?
Please do share your experiences and your thoughts...i would love to hear them or even discuss it with my friend we still have carry on with this conversation every time we meet and talk.


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